Tolerance reflects style

In terms of interpersonal relationships, we seek mutual respect, tolerance, generosity and common ground while reserving differences; in terms of the enterprise management, we respect the corporate governance structure, and defend the operating autonomy of investors; in terms of industrial development, we follow the laws of the market and the development of enterprises, to build a good industrial ecology; and in terms of external cooperation, we strive to achieve a win-win situation based on openness and sharing.

Responsibility reflects aspiration

We should always bear in mind our commitment and take responsibility for the shareholders and employees. Externally, we should not only fulfill the political responsibility of state-owned enterprises, but also undertake the social responsibility of corporate citizenship and establish a sound corporate brand and good social image. Internally, we should be responsible for the long-term development of both the enterprise and its employees, and we need to provide a platform big enough for employees to show their abilities and provide them with decent and abundant remuneration.

Self-motivation reflects attitude

We are shouldered with the historical mission of building an everlasting business with unremitting exploration and innovation. Adversity spurs vitality, while comfort breeds sloth. We shall always be prepared to fight and keep sharp consciousness of crisis, and keep improving and consummating the company by continuous self-examination, self-motivation and self-correction.

Perseverance reflects quality

We should have the courage to forge ahead towards the destination with full dedication, and stay calm in prosperity when keeping firm faith in adversity. Only with perseverance we can overcome all obstacles and create a brilliant future.