The First LNG Tank Supply Chain Innovation Alliance of China Founded in Jinan

The “LNG Tank Supply Chain Innovation Alliance”-- the first supply chain innovation organization of China in the field of LNG tank was founded in Jinan on May 18.The organization was jointly launched by 21 units including SHANDONG LOGISTICS AND PURCHASING ASSOCIATION, Shandong Marine Energy Co., Ltd., CRRC Yangtze Co., Ltd. and Tiger Gas (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., aiming to integrate innovation elements and resources, form the cross-industry innovation mechanism, collaboratively promote the implementation of innovation project and actively boost the implementation of national industrial policy. The inaugurating meeting and the first meeting of the first council were held successively on the founding day, passing the articles of association of the alliance and electing the Director General, Deputy Director General and Secretary General. Zhang Lei---the General Manager of Shandong Marine Energy Co., Ltd. serves as the first Director General.

Tank containers are globally recognized as the safest transportation method for liquid bulk chemicals and have the advantage of flexible market supply configuration. In order to strengthen the construction of the natural gas production, supply, storage and sales system, Chinese government has determined the industrial development policy "pipes and tanks shall be adopted where appropriate", and successively issued documents to promote the development of supply chain businesses such as LNG tank container multimodal transport. Wang Guoli—the Executive Director of Shandong Logistics and Purchasing Association said, the establishment of the innovation alliance is the specific action for implementing the development strategies such as rural revitalization, marine economy development and old growth drivers to new ones transformation. The LNG tank container supply chain integrates multiple industries such as natural gas, transportation, equipment manufacturing and cold chain logistics, so the system construction involves so many industries and it is difficult to unify standards and specifications. There are high requirements for safe operation. Through the establishment of a domestic cross-industry integrated collaborative innovation organization in energy cold chain logistics, an innovative ecosystem will be built to integrate the innovation strengths, expedite the formation of industrial standard system and knowledge talent structure system and effectively promote the high-quality development of the LNG tank container supply chain. The attendees considered that the accessibility deficiency of natural gas pipe network construction would be remedied, the natural gas would be fully utilized, and the natural gas market configuration efficiency of the pipe network would be improved by constructing a standard and systematic large-scale LNG tank container supply chain fully taking advantage of the transportation logistics infrastructure and container transport capacity with LNG container as the standard carrier unit to form the safe and efficient non-pipe gas supply and transmission network with reasonable layout, wide coverage and flexible configuration and achieve the accurate direct supply to terminal from the LNG source by “tanks”.

All attending units jointly proposed that relevant logistics companies, transportation companies, manufacturing companies, cold chain companies, trading companies, Internet companies, research institutions and industrial experts and scholars should join the innovation alliance voluntarily to jointly build the new type of LNG tank supply chain business and actively make contributions to the ecological environment protection and efficient use of natural gas clean energy.