SMEC Opens A New Channel for "Marine Gas landing" to Boost LNG Terminal Energy Development

On December 30, A batch of tank-containers loaded with LNG of Shangdong Marine Energy Co., Ltd. (SMEC) safely arrived Qingdao port and then smoothly entered the LNG terminal gas station of Shandong Shengli Co., Ltd., which marked the start of Japan-Shandong "Marine Gas Landing" logistics new channel. This is the first time LNG has been imported from Japan by tank-container transport in Shandong Province.

As a leading pioneer of domestic tank-container LNG logistics, SMEC achieves the first domestic LNG tank-container sea-land joint transport test in April 2018 and realized September 2018 to achieve the first commercial operation of domestic LNG tank-container sea-land joint transport; this year SMEC has worked with related enterprises in the industry to initiate the establishment of the first domestic LNG tank supply chain innovation alliance and clean energy supply chain platform--7 energy. This time, SMEC’s opening new channel for Japan-Shandong LNG tank-container logistics has laid the foundation for SMEC to integrate into the construction of Shandong free trade zone, construct of LNG logistics "overseas warehouse ", achieve large-scale ship transport and regular operation, and expand application of LNG tank-container transport and development space.

Since 2017, the State has encouraged the development of multi-modal transport of LNG tank-containers, and promoted the establishment of a liquid supply system with "one pot to the end" from domestic and foreign liquid sources. The tank-container LNG, as the terminal clean energy, is not restricted by the gas transmission network, the market allocation area is wide, and also has a huge market potentials in peak-shaving gas storage, distributed energy, industrial point supply and cold energy utilization, which can provide green energy support for the strategic implementation of rural revitalization, and the urban and rural cold chain logistics developing.

The tank-container import of LNG is jointly organized and implemented by SMEC and Shandong Shengli Co., Ltd. and supported by 7energy , CRRC Yangtze Co., Ltd. and Qingdao YIANDA International Logistics.